Thursday, June 30, 2011

3d goldfish wallpaper

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  • acecupid
    06-26 09:42 AM
    Today I found out there was a soft LUD on my I485 application. I am not sure what it is. How can I find what is going on with my I-485 application. Befre that there was a soft LUD on my travel document which I file in 2007 after that I did not file that. I just want to know what is going on with my application. Please let suggest.

    Maybe you are about to get your GC ;) Dude, chill out and relax... dont be so anxious over a soft LUD. It will only affect your health adversely being overly stressed out over LUDs and GC.

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  • girijas
    06-20 10:55 AM
    Thanks for the quick response. I have already received an email from one of the members and have responded with my contact details.

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  • mheggade
    07-25 01:47 PM
    add August to this poll

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  • vrkgali
    04-05 11:42 AM
    hey i got 2nd one from the NSC. Is it happening with many people??

    wat r the chances if handled carefully???

    please share your advice nd experiences. thanks a lot

    I got first one for experience letters

    the second one about company credentials
    and third one about abilty to pay 3 weeks back
    my employer answered this week
    crossed fingers and everything and waiting..

    so moral is
    dont worry about no of RFE s..worry about how they are handled..


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  • aph0025
    02-08 10:13 AM
    My wife is stuck in Bangalore right now, as she was give a 221(g) pink slip on the 16th of Jan, 08. She's actually at school, with about 7-8 months left for graduation. She's getting a Phd in Molecular Biology. Spring semester has already begun, and she's missing a lot of research, and teaching.

    When is a good time to contact the consulate? Many 221(g) cases even after her interview date have been cleared. I wonder what the hold up is.

    Also, can you please elaborate on the PIMS and Security Clearance issue?

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  • msyedy
    02-06 12:14 PM
    Hi All,

    I have received a information regarding my EB2 (PD Jan 15 2005)Approval from my old company( Here all the fees are being met by me).I had left that company last year trying to pursue my carrier.

    New company has given me an approved labour for EB3 OCt 2004 and I140 is approved.

    I would like to know from experinced guys , as to what should I be doing, should I resign from new company and join back the old one?

    As GC is for future employment, can i apply for I140 throgh my old company and join them back in I485 Stage?

    When can we expect EB2 PD of Jan 2005 to be current.

    I would appreciate your responses.


    Do not expect anything, no one can tell you a specific range of dates when the priority of a Labor be current. You can join the old emp and use this priority date from the current emp of Oct 2004 to the one with PD Jan 15th 2005.
    The priority date is based on a person so you can carry it anywhere only after a I-140 is approved for that labor.

    So -- You at the old company can have priority date of Oct 2004.

    Yes you can join the old employer when you anytime, even at the time of fillinng your I-485


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  • martinvisalaw
    02-10 02:42 PM
    Hi ,

    I am working from home which is NJ on h1b and my company is based DC as my seat is located in DC and i connect remotely to my computer located in DC office , i have below question regarding the LCA and payroll

    1. Which location i need to mentioned as primary ,home or where company located?

    The LCA should list the job location as your home address.

    2. Which state should the payroll runs where i live or where my seat is located?
    It doesn't matter for immigration purposes.

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  • paulinasmith
    08-05 12:49 PM

    I completed my 6th year H1B in April 2010 and am currently on a 7th year extension based on a pending PERM application with my current employer.

    I am currently considering taking an offer from a new employer who is willing to process my H1b transfer and my question is:

    1) Is it possible to transfer a 7th year extension to a new employer given that PERM will still be pending?

    2) If yes, will I need to give them any evidence regarding the pending PERM as I don't have any document on it except the receipt number from DOL.

    3) My current H1b expiration date is in April 2011. If the new employer files for an H1b transfer in July 2010, will I get the same H1b expiration date or a new one (i.e. July 2011)?
    This is important in my case because my wife who is currently a LPR will be eligible to become a US Citizen in June 2011 and I will likely not need to go through the PERM process.

    Any advice on the above will help a lot.

    Thank you!!!!!

    Well you can join the new employer and they can apply for H1B Transfer. After April 2011 you can get extension or even F1 visa is useful for 1 year. After 1 year u can again come back to H1B status.


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  • gc_chahiye
    06-28 03:17 AM
    even if he goes back to A, these intervening 3 months might be dicey. His status cant be on B's H1 since that was denied, and it cant be on A's H1 since A is not paying him in these three months.

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  • vat
    11-06 09:59 AM
    Hello folks !
    Let me present my case before you all.
    I came to US on H1B visa in 2004 and then my previous visa expired in 2006 and I have extended that visa but do not have it stamped on my passport as because I have not left USA during this period.
    Now, I have changed a job 3 montsh back and my new employer is doing the H1B transfer which is in process. I have received the "receipt number" but yet to get the documents back from USCIS.
    At this time, is it possible for me to switch to another job without having the papers from USCIS on the basis of the receipt number alone ? Or do I wait for the papers to come back from USCIS before I can think of switching another job ?
    An early response is appreciated...


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  • maugli
    03-19 03:36 PM
    Totally agree with you here Snathan!
    But other than peace of mind is there any other benefit, especially considering my case?

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  • gc28262
    03-03 06:35 PM
    Checkout this link

    The Curse Of The FNU


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  • gparr
    May 19th, 2004, 02:57 PM
    I agree with you 100%. As we've discussed before, it's still a great motivator to both get off our butts and to shoot something different.

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  • Shiddique
    01-07 08:51 AM
    Actually, you're no longer in H-1B status. If you end up getting another employer to sponsor you and you're RFE'd for your last 3 months of pay stubs to show your last day of work and it shows you entered the country after that date as an H-1B you will be denied your visa at the consulate.


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  • BEC_fog
    12-11 09:31 AM

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  • vikki76
    04-05 12:02 PM
    me neither though I have donated quite regularly. Well, it is upto Core to decide what to do- I guess. We can keep posting suggestions.


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  • imm_check
    08-22 01:18 PM
    It is a case to sign in native language...

    Your question is not clear.

    did you forget to sign the G-325A form where it says "Sign here"
    did you forget to write your name in native alphabet?

    In first case, it will be considered improperly filed and chances are it will be rejected.
    In second case, even if your native language is other than English, the person who does initial review will not know that and it will be accepted and processed.

    I hope it is the second case .

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  • zbd
    04-18 11:11 PM
    Can you extend the dates upto current date with year increase. That way we can get some picture.


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  • eb3retro
    02-12 10:17 AM
    During this tough times of un-employment, it is very unfortunate that many of us lose our jobs. As a result many of us lose medical benefits too. I would like to explore our options for medical insurance (which is the most needed) for someone who lost their jobs and cannot afford COBRA coverage since it is very expensive. IF you are unemployed and if you have bought your own medical insurance (not as a group plan through the employer), but bought it as an individual plan, can you throw in some details. This will be helpful to many who have lost or going to lose jobs, for them to understand how much they need to spend for different kinds of medical coverage. Thanks to everyone.

    12-11 09:56 PM
    there is another LUD on my 485 today, continuosly from the last 4 working days Dec6th,7th,10th and today(11th)..not sure what's going on...:confused:

    07-02 12:15 PM

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