Thursday, June 30, 2011

superbad 2007

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  • imm_pro
    11-30 12:42 PM
    i got mine in like 10 days..

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  • eb3retro
    05-25 08:29 AM
    My opinion - Check this with a lawyer. Seems to be complicated. Not sure if there is anything against the law done by you /your company (that affects you). Thats why the need for a good lawyer to understand the details in the case. All the best!!!

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  • kode
    10-13 11:05 AM
    ok.. do you mean editing an imported object in flash as if you were workin' in swift? if so.. you can't

    as I said.. you can relatively edit the swf in flash.. let's say that flash doesn't know that the object it's in 3D.. for flash that's just another shape makin' your movie bigger.

    importing your movie in swft format you'll have a little more control over it.. because the swift 3D flash importer separates highlights, shadows, objects, etc. to its own layer.

    just in case you don't know how to import any file go to: File � Import

    hope that helps :)

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  • rajuram
    05-05 11:28 AM
    does anyone know when they will discuss it - in the house and in the senate?


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  • Counterproductive
    10-26 03:50 PM
    2gether was a tv show. A parody of a boy band.

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  • swetha00
    09-12 03:44 AM
    Hi all!
    Wat would be the status of F1 student (OPT) mother of a US born baby after her visa expires, who is a single parent???


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  • morchu
    05-15 10:09 AM
    You are not the primary, right? Your job has nothing to do with the GC case. So you can do whatever regarding your job.
    whether one can take a employer sanctioned long leave of absence for a genuine reason in this case( child care).

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  • maheshf
    03-23 11:49 AM


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  • desi3933
    02-27 07:31 AM
    I am (L1 B) in US since April 2008 with my wife (L2). Our I-94 and VISA expired on Oct 08. Before expiration my company applied for the extension of L1 (I-129). The status changed to "Request for RFE" on Feb 09. Got the RFE with 11 questions yesterday. The questions asked were more about my specialty, my company and the clients contract, other fellow aliens from my company working for the client's status and profiles. So now not sure what my company will do with the RFE.
    My questions are -
    1. If my company withdraws the L1 Extension petition, then how many more days I will be able to stay in US legally.
    2. My wife is currently 22+ weeks pregnant, will US Govt consider anything for her medical situation?
    3. Whats the possibility that VSC will accept the extension if we send the answers to the RFE?
    4. If the petition is denied, then how many more days I will be able to stay legally?

    I would appreciate if anybody can answer my questions.
    Thanks in advance.

    Please share the RFE.

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  • gowri2009
    07-23 12:47 PM
    I was told its taking 4-5 business days for the new LCA,in my case it was 10 days still not received.


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  • anilsal
    09-16 09:21 AM
    if they are going to continue to be in closets.

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  • ramraj_02
    10-20 08:32 AM
    One of my friends is saying Job experience with the same company would not count towards? So this means will i have to change jobs and hope that my I-140 for the current employer is not withdrawn. Pl. advise.



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  • archpai
    12-07 10:24 PM
    I took my 2.5 year old to the FP.
    The security officer did not ask anything about him.I was allowed to go with my son.There was no problem.

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  • user1234
    08-22 03:54 PM
    I am currently on H1b and I have applied for an extension around July 14th. My i-94 is expiring on
    Sept 20th. My husband is currently on F-1. I wanted to find out in case my H1b visa is rejected, will
    I have to immediately leave the country. Would it be possible for me to convert to F-2 while being in US
    in case my H1-B gets rejected?


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  • sheela
    07-21 10:54 AM
    Just checking: How many of us got the COPIES of 485 petetion filed by attorney. I asked my attorney to send me copies of petition filed and the supporting documents submitted (filed on 6/29 and delivered 7/2: July VB). Despite calling and writting couple of times since the filing, I have NOT got the copies to make sure if filing was okay. we provided all info and documents required.
    My question: 1) Is it a common practice for attorneys to supply a copy of filed petion to clients. 2) How many people got copies.
    It helps to do some introspection. Please, let us know

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  • gcwait2007
    10-14 10:27 AM
    I have applied AP for my family 3 weeks before. My wife needs to go India by end of next month. If AP approval doesn't come to our hand by next month, can she leave the country? If she shouldn't, what are the alternate options? I appreciate your help.

    It is not advisable for her to leave the country without AP on hand. It is a risky proposition. Normally USCIS checks internally the resident status of the person and if they come to know that she left the country already, they may say/ consider that she left USA with the intention of abandoning her AOS case and issue denial for her I-485.

    PS: You can encourage me to contribute more to the forum by awarding Green points, if you find this post as useful and informative.


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  • BNB326
    08-21 01:06 PM
    What are the changes of getting approval by changing H1 to F1 and H4 to F1? Do i need to be in status during their review period of COS (H1to F1) or i can start scholl after filling COS.


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  • Ann Ruben
    04-23 06:54 PM
    That could be viewed as remuneration for services thus meeting the USCIS definition of employment. At least theorhetically, this would violate your H-1 status.

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  • exploitedone2008
    03-13 09:59 PM
    what is Freedom of Information Act and how can it help him

    07-10 03:07 PM
    Please update your profile..

    Here are the answers:
    1. No, you can not change the profile and should look for something which is similar to what was stated on your I-140.
    2. You can switch to a new job provided your I-485 is pending for more then 180 days, which seems to be the case and the new job is similar to what is on I-140.

    NOTE: NO, you can not switch from IT to finance. I mean you can but if you receive any RFE then you will have a big issue.

    I am currently working as a Functional Solution Architect in an IT firm.

    Current Status: H1B (6th year)

    GC status as follows:

    Priority Date: April 2007
    EAD received: October 2007
    I-140 is approved.

    Under the AC21 portability I believe I can change my employer without affecting my GC process. However I want to change my field of work from IT to Finance. My question is:

    1. Is that permissible and can I use my EAD to work for a new employer in a different field.
    2. If the above is not permissible and If I change my job in the same field, can my previous employer cancel my GC process, even though my I-140 is approved. If they can, how can I mitigate that possibility.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    06-18 02:09 AM
    my company lawyer did not ask for any tax returns or w2 forms .. Should they be submitted as part of "initial evidence"

    Tax returns are not part of "initial evidence". You have to provide them if asked by the USCIS.

    BTW, the IRS will mail you tax transcripts for free if you call them. You will get them within a few days.

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