Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • dan19
    09-07 11:44 PM
    thx 4 ur replies

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  • Chandra_Chndra
    05-04 02:40 PM
    thanks for the reply...

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  • dan19
    04-11 05:23 PM
    Where did you get this info. from?

    18000 change as of yesterday (April 10).

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  • guyfromsg
    07-26 08:31 PM
    hey guys,

    i send in my i-140/i485 along with those for my wife. as luck will have it, I forgot to include her sealed i-693. i am planning to send it tomorrow with a cover letter. is that okay? is there anything else I can do?

    I will appreciate any help.



    According to USCIS FAQ 14, 485 can be filed without medical examination report. You will get a RFE instead of rejection


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  • coolguy_420
    07-01 04:24 AM

    I was on valid 3-year H1 visa until Dec 2010. I got layed off in Feb 2009.

    I found another employer to file my H1 transfer case in April '09 and the case is still pending (regular processing). We received a RFE asking for my most recent pay stubs and employer info recently.

    The question I have is if the H1 transfer gets denied, what do I do next? How much time do I have to leave the US? Do they give time to pack and make plans to leave? I don't want to face deportation. Also, I have a valid 10- year B1/B2 visa stamped on my passport. Can I use that in any way.

    Your response is greatly appreciated.


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  • Maverick1
    11-09 12:29 PM
    Can't he use EB-3 LC for filing his EB-2 case as well?

    NO. Different classification.


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  • bestia
    03-20 03:30 AM
    You are fine, you can use AC21. You don't need to have I-140 approved to invoke AC21. You can even port your H1b to company A or you can just use your EAD. You just have to make sure that they won't withdraw your pending I-140 and properly reply to any RFE.

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  • mhkumar
    07-14 03:58 PM
    It used to be required only for Mumbai Consulate. But I think Hyderabad has also started. Please check

    I think it is only for Mumbai Consulate(as mentioned in VFS (

    "For Mumbai consular district applicants only: Drop off your required documents three working days prior to your appointment at a VFS Application Centre in Mumbai, Pune or Ahmedabad."

    No where it is mentioned that HYD consulate has started. Where did you find it?


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  • mdy_tvr
    09-26 03:09 PM
    Hi Guys

    I am about to file the 485/EAD/AP based on EB2 PD May 2003.

    My lawyer says that after July 30th 2007, if we are filing EAD & AP along with 485, then we do NOT need to include the fees of EAD and AP. The total fee in such a case is 1010$.(485 + Biometric = 930+80 = 1010$)

    Is this correct that if EAD/AP are applied with 485 after July 30th 2007, then there is no special fee for EAD/AP


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  • Cheran
    07-01 10:44 AM
    My labor and 140 are approved under EB3 with priority date May 2003. Since Green Card is for future employment can I port my date to EB2 with another company and
    a. Not tell my current employer and continue with my job
    b. Not work for my future employer


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  • VivekAhuja
    06-29 03:50 PM
    Trading in markets - Stock, Forex, Bond - all are legal to do on H1-B as long as you pay taxes on profits. This is the USA!!

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  • GCDreaming
    10-25 10:56 PM

    I am currently unemployed and my spouse needs to travel to Mumbai urgently. Our AP is valid through November 30, 2009. Will there be any issues for my wife when she comes back - possibly because of my current status. Wife is employed (with a different company)& the EAD/AP was filed by my last employer. Responses will be appreciated. Thanks!


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  • gparr
    January 29th, 2005, 06:09 PM
    Unfortunately some of your water is blown out, which is a distraction. I also find the dead stick very distracting in this image of water and lush foliage. I did a little processing and cropping. See if you think it's better.

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  • srratlanta
    02-19 11:19 AM
    I have my labor cleared and 140 applied in 2007. Later in 2007 I had filed for 485 based on the pending 140 application and received EAD as well. But the 140 was denied later due to ineligibility to file on EB2 and a new one I140 was applied in EB2 refering the pending 485 application and the same old labor. This I140 has been pending since last few years and my attorney only received a letter stating it is under review, when a SR was raised. Meanwhile I have received EAD and AP extensions properly based on the pending 485.

    I would like to apply 140 again from a different company using the old labor and refering the pending 485 application sine i am currently on EAD using the pending 485 application.

    1. Can i do that?
    2. If so, what documents would i need from my company to process this.


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  • BNB326
    08-20 04:05 PM
    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I am worried whether i will be able to find a job in this tough situation or not. So if that is possible, i would like to start that route too.

    Any other option?


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  • Suva
    05-08 06:10 PM
    My I140 has been denied 2 times. 1st time was in EB3 Professional and 2nd was in EB3 Skilled worker category. I am not sure the reason for the 2nd denial since I am waiting for the notice letter.

    I urgently need an attorney who has recently cleared a few cases with 3 year degree (only 3 year degree not combination with Masters / Diploma etc)

    If you are someone who has 3 year degree and recently got approval, please IM me your attorney's details.


    I have 3 years degree and 1 year diploma. My labor was approved in 2007 under RIR. My company attorney was Cyrus Mehta at that time.


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  • mailtobalu
    07-28 03:36 PM

    I am presently working on L1B for company A. This year Company B applied for H1B and same is approved received the approved letter with I-94.

    Now I would like to continue in my current job with Company A till I find long project (Minimum 6 Months). My question here is can I continue in my current job after OCT 1st in my L1B Status.

    If I want to continue in L1B status what should I do? As of I heard if I travel out of the states and reentered in US after OCT2nd on L1B visa I can continue with L1B status. then what happens to my H1B status? Can I directly move to H1B status when I find a project from Company B?

    Please let me know how I should proceed to keep L1B and H1B status valid after OCT1st?

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  • ajju
    09-06 07:13 PM
    If its few months of outside work.. should be fine... But you can't and should not just leave and work outside until you get GC.. May work, but chances are rare.. So risk is up to you to take and decide...

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  • bb08
    03-18 11:25 PM
    If you have digital camera, you can get soft copy of your photo by using this side.

    Passport photos for free - (


    04-11 01:13 PM
    Hi Friends and Administrators,

    I have a suggestion. I am sure the administrators here have much better ideas than mine but I would request administrators to please read this suggestion with an open mind. It might be useful for the community.
    I am sure we have enough members working for big companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Intel etc. The past experiences tell us that congress listens to these companies more than us even if we are making a valid point on the legal immigration issues. The irony here is that these companied care for H1 visa expansion not green card quota expansion. These big companies do not realize the benefit of green card quota expansion to them.
    Let me prove how. A large proportion of the immigration community is working for small companies as consultants. Their immigration status makes changing jobs very difficult. Now I am sure if the people stuck in GC process get there GC thousands of people will not be forced to work for consultant companies and will look for permanent jobs. And these big companies are sitting on the top of the most desired companies to work for. These thousands of consultants will be more than happy to work for these big companies after they get there GC.
    My point here is that if we can have these Companies speak for us, our voices can be heard by congress.
    How this can be done: If immigrants working for these companies as consultants or permanent can start a chain of email and send a signed copy with hundred of signatures to the management, management might think of putting these points across to congress.
    The contents of this email should be simple and achievable. Like
    1. Recapture of unused Visas.
    2. Get rid of the country quota. (This one is difficult but very beneficial).
    3. Except US graduates form quota. (This one is controversial in IV community, but if US graduates are out of the quota every one is benefited. US graduates will be benefited more, but others will be benefited because there will be less number of people to share the quota. I mention this one because this point can get big support for the universities also, and I am sure congress does not ignore a voice coming form the universities.
    About increasing the quota it is difficult and will not help much if the country quota is still exists.

    If the email submitted to the management contain thousands of signatures from immigrants working for here company and people who support these immigrants in the company management and people like Bill Gates might talk to the congress to hemp us.

    May be it is 2 cents suggestion but I would like the administrators to think out it with a open mind.


    06-04 11:17 AM
    I'd do the reverse. I am currently working on EAD so I dont want any issues with being without an EAD for even a day. I'd apply exactly at the 120 day mark. Even if I lose some valdity, its ok.
    As far as AP is concerned, I dont mind if it comes a bit later or even after the previous one has expired.

    3-4 days. These days they are fast on approvals. Best thing is to apply AP within 120 days range and apply EAD when 100 days away from expiry. Atleast you will get 2 years EAD and dont need to pay again.

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