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  • kodey7
    12-10 12:00 PM
    Thanks beuhler.

    Yes, I have been residing in the US for several years now. I was not sure if the consular districts are determined based on the state of current residence or based on the state of my permanent address in India or state that issued my passport. After reading your reply, I looked up what the embassy "loosely" defines consular district as at :

    So it does state that US residents can apply for the NIV at any of the four consulates. So does this mean that their emergency appointment requirement of being from the New Delhi consular districts applies only to residents of India and not residents in the US ? This seems subject to interpretation.

    In your case, was it an emergency appointment or a regular one ?


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  • wikipedia_fan
    04-09 03:47 PM
    I just received an email from USCIS saying that my I-140 has been denied. I touched base with the attorney & she has not yet received any documentation from USCIS. This has been the 1st change in my status since Aug 07. My case is pending at TSC.

    Does anyone know if this is a fairly common occurance for USCIS to deny I-140 without an RFE? Any advise on what to do next?


    140 can be denied for various reasons. These days, 140 is getting denied for Ability to pay or educational qualifications and job description mismatch and so many other things.

    Unless you get the letter in hand, you may not be able to know the reason for denial. 140 denial goes to employer and Attorney. So contact them and they will know.

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  • zico123
    06-18 02:32 PM
    :confused: my receipt number starts from EAC... does that mean my service center is vermont? after i got the below status online i have not recevied any response and my lawyer says he has not received anything.. shall i go ahead and take appointment in August/Sept or should i wait ?
    congratulations! Looks like your application for H1 is approved. But wait till you get your I-797 approval notice to schedule your Consulate interview. Best of luck!

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  • sab
    11-01 06:36 PM
    Isnt the three year extension valid only if you cannot file your I-485 because of retrogression? Once you file your 485, you get only a year?


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  • krishnam70
    02-23 10:19 AM
    I want to transfer my H1 , I got aproject . But I dont have Jan Pay stub . I have up to Dec 2008. will it cause any problem for transferuess

    I guess your question has been answered many times.. If you do manage to get the H1 filed there will definitely be an RFE. Instead please try to speak to your employer and get the pay for the time you were off the project as he is legally supposed to pay your salary even if you were off project. You can always request payroll's run for backdated wages. If you are not able to convince your employer to pay you file a complaint against them at DOL and then apply for H1 transfer with supporting information so that the USCIS gets to know that it is not due to a fault of yours that you are unable to produce the pay stubs

    - cheers

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  • cox
    June 5th, 2005, 09:27 PM
    Nice stuff for first photos, especially since it looked like pretty harsh lighting. I particularly liked the guitar, though a little smaller aperture for a slightly more depth of field would have probably made it even better.


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  • gnutin
    04-02 03:24 PM
    Choose "An Indian citizen resident in the US" and it will let you choose any consulate you like.
    If you are a resident in the US there are no issues in going to Chennai.

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  • perm2gc
    11-10 10:52 AM
    I came to US on H4, 3 years ago. Later I took my H1B with a recruiter and got it with I-94. It was valid up to 2007 oct. But I couldn't take up any work due to some problems. Recently I went to India and came back. At the port of entry I got new I-94 with H4 stamping. Means My H1 Is not valid now ? In this case, is there any way to apply for change of status again as my H1 is valid up to 2007. Or else do I need to apply for my new H1B again ? Pl. any one clarify.
    If you have changed status from come you entered on H4 again..
    As per my knowledge your H4 status ends once your H1B is approved and if you go out of have to get your H1B stamped and enter the country...

    I may be wrong ,please consult a good immigration attorney


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  • spicy_guy
    11-15 11:08 AM
    Will lame-duck Congress settle differences or scores? - (

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  • furiouspride
    08-01 03:31 AM
    You will have to staple the old passport to the newer one and carry both of them at all times. The visas on the previous passport will not be transferred over to the new passport.


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  • valysivec27
    09-25 11:26 AM
    Hello, I need your advice here. I have an old LCA, priority date 03/2003 that was stuck in the backlog center untill last week. Also, I applied through PERM for a new LCA that was approved and was able file I485 in July this year, just got the receipt numbers.

    The new LCA has the priority date 04/2006 and is for an upgraded position. I heard that I might "interfile" and be able use the old priority date with the already submitted I485. Would you guys have any suggestions about it?. Any information that might help me?. Hopefully somebody outhere can help.


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  • japs19
    08-22 12:03 PM
    :) Thanks.


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  • GCBy3000
    06-21 05:54 PM
    This is because most of the beneficiaries are not eligible to file in the past two years. It was not like that before. Once for some reason if they allow the people to file, the graph will peak to 900days.

    I-485 processing times are mentioned here:

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  • mariner5555
    05-27 04:02 PM
    Hi All

    I did paper based filing through lawyer on may 5 with check $340 has been encashed and I waited now 2 weeks but still there is no receipt notice in mail.
    SO i called my bank and ask them whether there any receipt number on the back of check but agent told me that there are no 13 digit number just bank stamp and there is only one 9 digit number that he has given me but on the case status thats a invalid number

    Please help as I am worried that if evry thing is fine or should I e-file as well as my licence is also expiring next month now how should get a reciept number

    Thanks in Advance...
    if you efile will end up paying $340 again. when is yr EAD expiring and why did you wait so long ?? if you think the lawyer filled everything correctly then I would say wait for a week (consult yr lawyer too) !!


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  • Alabaman
    07-20 02:22 PM
    That would be a very good one... it would pass out the message.

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  • GotGC??
    02-25 08:30 PM
    Actually, you can file 485 when your PD becomes current, even if the 140 is still pending approval. You need to submit the 140 details alongwith your 484 application.

    Once a I140 is filed without the I485 one has to wait for I140 approval before being eigible for filing I485


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  • apb
    03-31 07:03 PM
    I plan to use AC21 and apply G28. Any reasonable lawyer recommendation in and around bay area would be of immense help to me.
    I tried Payal Singh and she is charging $1200 for AC21 and G28.
    I checked with Arjun Verma and the cost is $400 for the same.
    Still checking around...

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  • RadioactveChimp
    04-25 11:14 PM
    nice, i like the green one best

    i second that

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  • INSpector
    08-18 06:44 AM
    MIne was updated 2 days later, be patient

    07-29 09:31 PM
    Again, any help will be appreciated.

    09-18 01:14 PM
    I came to know that my 485 wld bet rejected and I wld be receiving all my applications as my employer has sent wrong fee to lawyer...

    yesterday when I asked my company people to send the copies of all those checks that they have sent to lawyer and I found the 485 check has $385 on it....actually I just asked them after going through couple of threads related to 485 rejections in got this bloody news..

    I cleary sent mails abt sending $395 to my lawyer and our company has sent 385 it seems...due to the excessive volume of apps received at that time my lawyer office hasn't really checked all those checks it seems...they clubbed those checks with the my application and sent to TSC...and my lawyer informed that i wld get rejection....

    can't they understand how sensitive it is?..can't they put their full mind while writing checks?...this is just ridiculous...

    i have become victim of someones mistake,,,,,

    i'm not saying that it is intentional but can't they be responsible?...

    now after all this has happened they r talking abt SORRY stuff,,who cares...

    friends,,psl help me,,,waht shld I do now...did anyone has similar case status?

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