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Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner In Car

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  • 485Question
    10-25 11:56 AM

    wallpaper Video of Taylor Lautner Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner In Car. Looks like Taylor Lautner and
  • Looks like Taylor Lautner and

  • memyselfandus
    10-14 10:00 AM
    :(. There is no way she can leave. You can try to expedite using various channels discussed in the forum.

    In certain cases, they do expedite things; specially in cases of family emergencies excluding marriages.

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  • Swift And Taylor Lautner

  • RamBharose
    03-13 01:48 PM
    I think he is suggesting whether he can keep applying for h1b till he gets a approval starting with extension

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  • kghoshal
    12-31 05:28 PM
    Consult attorney Murthy with new memo, she may help you. It is my personal opinion.


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  • ksrk
    06-04 05:26 PM
    Definitely a very helpful post - I am sure for many others too!

    Reading through this, I couldn't quite figure the immigration requirements of the PAPs - appears that non-citizen residents of the US (NRIs) can also adopt - or am I missing something?

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  • Taylor Lautner and Taylor

  • gcwait2007
    10-21 10:18 AM
    I am from Austin. I got my FP appointment scheduled on 11/13.

    Labor PD: 02/20/2007, I-140 pending with Nebraska since 06/29/2007.

    I submitted my I-485/765/131 on 8/1 to TSC and received by TSC on 8/2.

    All Notice from TSC dtd 9/26

    EAD card ordered on 10/3 and received on 10/10.

    FP notice date 10/16 with appointment scheduled on 11/13 in San Antonio, TX.

    No AP yet.


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  • shaikhshehzadali
    07-08 05:52 PM
    In case anyone needs to reimburse some of the medical costs from the insurance co, following are the HIPAA procedure codes.

    Testing / Lab HIV-1 and HIV-2 86703
    Testing / Lab Syphilis test (RPR) 86592
    Preventive Care PPD (tuberculosis) intra-dermal skin test 85680
    Preventive Care MMR immunization (subcutaneous) 90707
    Preventive Care Varicella immunization 90716
    Preventive Care TD immunization (Tetanus) 90718

    Are u a doctor?

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  • pappu
    06-04 10:32 PM
    Could you please search archives. In the past I had written about these issues and members had discussed this issue.


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  • Taylor Swift and Taylor

  • wandmaker
    07-14 04:42 PM
    I have 140 approval notice in mail like 1.5yrs back...just today i put the reciept number on USCIS website and it says still pending..i called USCIS and they say they wont be able to discuss my case since 140 is employer specific employer is sayin dont worry and dont bother about online status...i just want to make sure my 140 is really approved and USCIS has the correct update while lookin at my 485 file...i dont want them to put my 485 in hold just because of they thinkin 140 is not approved...

    EB2 - Sept 04

    As long as you have approval copy on hand, you have nothing to worry. You should be concerned only if the status reads as 'case reopened and pending'

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  • texcan
    09-24 11:22 PM
    Today i received my EAD card, It says fingerprint not available. I have not yet received FP notice

    Has this happened to anybody else, will i have to update EAD card after FP, how does this work

    Filed on July 16th, My checks were cashed on 10th Sep


    First EAD will have no fingerprints, since you have not gone through FP.
    Its normal. Read other threads.

    You will not need to update EADs, renewal next year will take care of this automatically.

    Could you please provide some more info on your filed with which service center, case transfered or not....Remember this is community site, we share information/knowledge for benefit of each other, Thanks


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  • Taylor in a car (not with

  • jliechty
    February 11th, 2006, 09:08 AM
    Mine shows this lightly under some conditions. It's not been a major problem for me, unlike what some overly vocal folks at another forum would like everyone to think, but I'll probably send it in to have it calibrated anyway.

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  • gcwaiting17
    09-11 12:18 PM
    May be you are right. My EAD got approved and waiting for FP.


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  • yabayaba
    01-14 02:58 PM

    My EB2 perm labor was approved recently and thinking of filing I 140.
    Trying to port my EB3 PD, 09/23/2003 to EB2.

    I missed filing I 1485 for my wife in july 2007.

    My question is if I go ahead and file I 140 premium for me , lets say it gets approved soon ,my dates will be current.Should I file I 485 for my wife then ?

    What happens if they approve my I 485 before I file my wife's 485.

    How long it took for you to get the labor aproved?. What are steps and duration it took?

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  • purgan
    10-06 10:41 PM
    There is a story in the Oct 6 Wall Street Journal on high skilled immigration reform. If anyone has a subscription to that, pl. post for the benefit of members...

    OpinionJournal's Political Diary
    Who leaked the Foley emails and why?; industries seeking more high-skill immigrants pin their hopes on Congress's lame duck session; new film debunks the hypocrisy of anti-development greenies. (Click to Subscribe)
    2:30 p.m. EDT

    Seperately, the Economist has a 15-page report on the "Global Hunt for Talent". It specifically highlights how restrictive immigration quotas for skilled workers are hurting US competitiveness and how other western nations are racheting up their efforts to lure skilled foreigners.

    Here are some excerpts

    Most governments are easing restrictions on the entry of skilled workers. Some are going further and offering incentives. Germany has made it easier for skilled workers to get visas. Britain has offered more work permits for skilled migrants. France has introduced a “scientist visa”. Many countries are making it easier for foreign students to stay on after graduating. Canada and Australia have not only tilted their long-established points systems further towards the skilled, they have also introduced more incentives. Australia and New Zealand have created a ladder leading from universities to the workforce and then to permanent residence.

    Two economists, Fr�d�ric Docquier and Hillel Rapoport, estimate that average emigration rates worldwide are 0.9% for the low-skilled, 1.6% for the medium-skilled and 5.5% for the high-skilled. These rates have been accelerating far faster for the high-skilled group than for the rest. Skilled immigrants accounted for more than half of all admissions in Australia, Canada and New Zealand in 2001. The global war for talent is likely to intensify. Most developed countries are already struggling to find enough doctors and teachers, and are wondering how they will manage when the baby-boomer generation retires. Developing countries, for their part, realise that they will not be able to plug into the global knowledge economy unless they give their people the freedom to move around.


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  • pod1
    10-21 12:42 AM
    I am in 6th year of my H1B. It is expiring in Aug 2011.

    Here are some details:
    - My I-140 is approved with a priority date of Aug 2006 under EB2-India.
    - I did not apply for I-485 so I do not have a EAD.
    - My wife is also on H1B which expires in Aug 2012.

    Here are my questions:
    1) If I apply for H1B extension in July 2011 under regular processing and assuming it takes 4-5 months for USCIS to process the application, can I still continue to work? For how many days can I work if visa renewal is still in processing after the visa has expired.
    2) If I get a denial of H1B extension do I become out of status from the date of denial or from the day H1B got expired?
    3) If I get a denial of H1B extension can I immediately apply for H4 as a dependent to my wife's visa without any issues?
    4) If I get a denial of H1B extension, what happens to my I-140? Is it automatically invalid?
    5) If I do convert to H4 status and my priority date becomes current can I apply for I-485?

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  • girijas
    06-20 10:55 AM
    Thanks for the quick response. I have already received an email from one of the members and have responded with my contact details.


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  • kirupa
    10-20 03:08 PM
    wow, really nice! :)

    Kirupa :pirate:

    girlfriend Taylor Lautner, most famous Taylor Swift And Taylor Lautner In Car. Taylor Lautner and Taylor
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  • tdasara
    03-19 08:34 PM
    Instead of pay increase, I decided to buy stock in the company I work for (small startup firm) and I work using my EAD, AC21

    My compensation and with some profit sharing makes me a 6-7% owner of the firm on paper.

    Now, if the company gets hit by a lawsuit and dragged to court, will I be affected?

    (My role is strictly IT related and also assist in Data Analytics).

    My immigration lawyer is yet to respond.

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  • Taylor Lautner at Taylor Swift

  • tarone
    11-28 05:22 PM

    There is wrong priority date on my Labor Certification approval. They
    put 2001 instead of 2002 .
    It looks they apparently mixed date with some other candidate who have
    similar name as mine. They lost his case and put his priority date on mine.

    Now can somebody tell me what are my options?
    I can not file if the priority date is correct on LCA. But If I apply
    for 1-485 using this wrong date, it may be risky because if they find
    the correct date it may be problem.

    Therefore, I don;t want to take any risk, I just want to apply for
    I-140 but should I contact LABOR OFFICE to fix the date and then submit
    the application for I-140. Unfortunately Labor Office is not replied
    yet on my request to fix this issue.

    Any Advice.

    02-19 06:17 PM
    Another nail in the H1B Coffin :mad:

    02/19/2009: H-1B Transfer Alert

    * AILA has reported that it is the practice and policy of Vermont Service Center that if it receives a revocation letter from the current employer before it receives the transfer H-1B petition by a new employer, they deny the transfer petition because it is the VSC position that at the time the current employer revokes the current position, the H-1B alien immediately falls into a period of "unauthorized stay" in the U.S. This policy can push the transfer H-1B aliens into a tricky situation when the alien employees invoke AC 21 H-1B portability against the will of the current employer and the current employment contract requires 14-day advance resignation notice. It is thus imperative that the transfer H-1B employees should neither notify nor turn in the resignation before the new H-1B petition is "filed." Worse situation could be termination of H-1B employees by the current employer in a hostile environment. Since the current employer is likely to file the revocation (withdrawal) notice in the latter situation immediately, such H-1B alien can face a serious problem unless they are eligible for nun pro tunc H-1B filing.

    11-08 12:28 PM
    Thanks for quick response.
    I still do not know wat is query is. My employer hasnt received the details of query yet.
    looking at the worst side, wat if the H1 tranfer Denied/rejected. Can i ask Company D to file for a new H1?

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