Monday, July 4, 2011

Pink And White Nails Vs Gel

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  • Pink and white, pink and white

  • eilsoe
    09-30 08:43 AM
    I have a scanner. Cheap *** sh*tty scanner that renders green lines all over my scanned artwork...

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    02-03 07:11 PM
    I filled the form yesterday and it was there. Did they change it today ? Do we need to re-fill it ?

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  • pink and white design with

  • mdmd10
    07-24 04:57 PM
    My attorney signed my I-485 AOS/EAD/AP applications and posted them on July 2nd as he was in a hurry to apply because of July 2nd scenario. Is it ok for the attorney to sign our papers. Is anybody in the same boat as me. I am a little concerned as the USCIS FAQ says application can be rejected if signature is missing. The application reached USCIS on July 3rd.

    Yes it is ok for Attorney to sign the papers. Did you authorize them to sign on your behalf?

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  • Re: Gel or Acrylic Nails?

  • chintu25
    12-13 03:15 PM
    I suggest we start with a parallel campaign to increase the number of IV members . Each IV member to bring in atleast one new member .

    Steps to take:
    Explanation : Explain, Teach /Preach or do whatever it takes to tell people about IV and what its mission is. Many people think IV is just a propaganda. SHOW them what IV has done. Tell them about the Rally Tell them about the FLower campaign . Make then visit the site

    Reasoning : Make them understand that the EAD or the Labor that they are sitting on was not gotten thru some magic wand. It was thru efforts . Efforts of us IVians.

    If we are able to get one person each to enroll. I am sure atleast 20 % of the new enrollees will start to understand IV and maybe contribute to it as well

    This is something that can be done sitting where u r without any special effort. Let go IVians . This is one of the easiest things to do

    CORE team please help and support.


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  • NKR
    10-21 08:32 PM
    With the risk of this news being branded too India specific, i am posting this...

    go to for live webcast of chandrayaan launch. the launch is scheduled to be at 8.50 PM ET

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  • bfadlia
    05-15 03:48 PM
    Hi Guys,
    I am also thinking abt applying for Canada PR?How much would it cost? Is location specific?

    Again, looking at the website might help u more get the whole picture and all the details, than asking a question or two on forums

    The cost varies by family size. For a family of 4, in the beginning u'll need 1000-2000 for application fees and to prepare ur documents. one or two years later, you'll need another 1000-2000 for medical exams and landing/visa fees.
    If you apply to the federal program, you are allowed to go anywhere except quebec. There is also a provincial program in each province that allows u to immigrate to that province, but then again u can move later..


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  • GreenCardLegion
    04-20 12:28 AM
    You can use your eb3 EAD.

    But first to get into EB2 category, you have to first file another separate labor with a different employer (w/same employer it will most likely rejected) and then file 140 separately agian and then once your 140 is approved get it interfiled and then port from eb3 to eb2.

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  • krish2005
    05-14 06:03 PM
    Not sure if this is the section to post this.

    I am listing a few things that rake up my mind whenever I think of my prolonged (for me its prolonged though) stay in US. Dragging my feet over decisions to go back or not.

    My posting is entirely my view. I would not be willing to trample on other's feelings. Just sharing a few things.

    1) Leave everything behind as such in our native place and start everything afresh here. Looks cool for a start. But end up in a remote place with few people and no friends. Life starts to suck when you move on for some months in the remote place. Some like it most don't.
    2) Trying to look back on what we missed being with family and friends, those good old days. Sitting on a wall/bench and chatting about daily happenings/cricket etc
    3) Going back after some time to be bewildered on what happened to those buildings that were there. Before you digest all those, your vacation is gone. Poof
    4) Most Importanty, live with fear on what will happen to those near and dear who have been wishing us good luck and health. Just imagining that fact that when you visit back next time, they might not be there, gives me sleepless nights. This is true even when you are back in your native place but at least you have a solace in seeing them whenever you require and help them in their times of need physically. Nothing is like what you do rather than telling others to do.
    5) Missing all those religious events, happenings, special occasions.

    1) Live own life without any bindings (we can give umpteen excuses on how we are forced to live but its still our life)
    2) Money factor
    3) Move away from petty politics
    4) Your own car.
    5) Wifeys like it here as it moves them from home politics and they drive the home here.

    These are my thoughts. Just sharing with a few who might care.


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  • amitjoey
    07-24 03:29 PM
    It is illegal to overstay on a visitors visa, for that matter it is illegal to stay on any expired visa.

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  • mirchiseth
    06-03 05:17 PM
    Hello All

    Has any one else experienced this? From the two posters above (which includes me) EAD and AP efiled applications went to National Benefits Center and generated the receipt numbers starting with MSC?

    Please share your experience. Is there any thing to worry in this case?

    - ms


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  • coolpal
    03-27 05:20 PM
    I am no attorney... but from my knowledge you are OK.
    The h1b rules state that once you loose your job, you have 10 days to find another way to keep you in status or leave the country... and your situation, even if it comes to a point where you have to agree that you were out of job for that 5 days is no problem at all.

    pal :)

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  • Bpositive
    03-01 10:52 AM
    try to get feedback from potential employers (corporations) on content and also look beyond indian population as you think about your value of luck!


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  • adnan_vijay
    12-11 09:50 PM
    According to my knowledge the majority of name checks submitted are electronically checked and returned to the submitting agency as having "No Record" within 48-72 hours. The processing time for FBI name checks usually take from 30-120 days but timing does vary from case to case. The FBI’s intention is to have all visa requests processed within 120 days. Most name check requests that are over 60 days old are the result of the time required to retrieve and review field office record information. Any case which is not processed within this time frame is usually delayed because of a potential "hit" which will be further reviewed manually.

    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for the quick reply.

    As my application have been lodge for almost 2.5 months now.

    Can I please ask 'when' is the FBI name check done? Is the FBI name check the first thing that will be done?

    How will I know that my FBI name check is successful?

    Thank you once again.


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  • xtronics
    03-02 12:18 PM
    My wife went to Chennai consulate for H4 visa when she is on OPT. Its been close to 5 weeks. They asked her to respond to some questionnaires (pink slip) and keep checking the case report status which is a pdf document being updated every Tue and Fri on . Since she is a PhD they need to do some background check on what kind of research and all that. The report still says "Pending processing". Th irony is, it says in the instructions that, if we contact them to find out the case status, it will take longer for them to make a decision.
    Any input is greatly appreciated.


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  • tjayant
    10-17 02:53 PM
    My school said I'm not eligible

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  • getgreensoon1
    04-26 11:46 AM
    I am wondering if anybody had done this before: I want to work part time (20 hrs/week) for 6 months( and no other job). I am on H1 but I also have EAD. So I am wondering if there are any implications to this such as I need to amend my H1b , because of some obscure law my GC process will be affected. Any input is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    I had a friend in the same situation. Had H1 and EAD. He worked halftime for two years to finish his MBA. Now went back to fulltime H1. I think your company has to approve it and yes he filed ammendment.


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  • bin2000
    08-25 01:40 PM
    Dear all,
    My employer filed H1B with extension of stay even though I was not physically present in USA on the day of filing.I was out of USA on June 15th due to personal reasons and they filed H1B on July 10th.

    I had requested them not to file extension of stay since I was already out of USA.USCIS approved the petition with extension of stay(I-94 attached).I need to go for visa stamping now .Will this create any issues while stamping?

    Please advice.

    Thank you

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  • Gel extension, pink french

    10-08 10:12 PM
    Dear Friends,

    I have changed my employer after 180 days of my pending I-485. I have not communicated USCIS about this. I was able to renew my EAD, and AP online with proper documentation without any issues.

    I am planning to travel to India on Advance Parole now. Wondering if I can show my former employer's documentation such as I-485, I-140 approvals if anything arises while going or returning. Do you anticipate any issues with this? or do I need to carry any information about current employer, and my Job?. Appreciate your help.


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  • uscisc
    09-10 08:00 PM
    I am not exactly in this scenario.

    In my case I moved to a different company that already revalidated my H1B before moving to the new company.

    So when they old company H1B is revoked, I say an LUD on the new company H1B. But there is no EVL RFE. And there is no soft LUD also on my I-485.

    11-27 05:13 PM
    skarthy: Upgrade your H1 transfer to premium processing, get the transfer approved. Re-enter the country by showing your wife's old H1 stamping, get a new I-94 based on new approved H1 petition at POE. This is a easy route; If I were you, I will do this.

    So We are abandoning the current H1 if we go before its approved .
    How do I get the I-94 based on the new H1B , just ask them to stamp it like that ?

    Thanks wandmaker.

    andy garcia
    03-28 05:59 PM
    Thank you. So we do have to answer "Yes" to all the 3 questions!

    Answer No to 2, Yes to 1 and 3.

    Immigrant Petition is I-140.

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