Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kristen Stewart Yellow Handkerchief

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  • Kristen Stewart was promoting

  • leena_k
    06-29 01:18 PM
    This is so SAD!!!

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  • Kristen Stewart, 19

  • dc2007
    06-30 09:41 AM
    Anybody please help me.. If its possible I want file PERM asap.

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  • kristen stewart at the yellow

  • little_willy
    10-26 09:51 AM
    One more incentive to attend the meet. Yippe!!!!

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  • Movie Photos: Kristen Stewart

  • tylercfan
    08-14 09:45 PM
    i dont really know how but there is a way to do it
    i think when u compile it(export, whatever) you need to check on option it has the word outline in it..hehe sorry i cant help more.


    Kristen Stewart Yellow Handkerchief. Film Review Online » Blog Archive » The Yellow Handkerchief – Kristen
  • Film Review Online » Blog Archive » The Yellow Handkerchief – Kristen

  • summerpolice
    03-18 10:55 AM
    I think my employer is not willing to sponsor the process due to some reasons.
    Is there any other way of processing the Green card.Can i initiate it myself along with a lawyer

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  • Kristen Stewart In #39;The Yellow

  • mkiv
    03-24 12:58 PM
    Totally irrelevant to this forum. Administrator please review this thread.

    I know this is irrelevant in a way but see it from a different angle for one moment. There is no other forum where you can get any information about these H1 employers who are playing games using retrogression. This is the only forum where most of the people on H1 are related to some desi consulting company and can share their experiences which would help other people who are in huge pain due to the unfair practices of their existing employers.

    I would recommend the administrators to create a separate area on this forum where people can share these experiences and find genuine employers.


    Kristen Stewart Yellow Handkerchief. Actress Kristen Stewart
  • Actress Kristen Stewart

  • jai_immigration
    09-24 10:06 AM
    It depends on the I-140 you requested USCIS to consider while you aplied for I-485. There is some process called interifling, where you can later request USCIS to use the I-140 with better priority date against the I-485 so you can avoid multiple I-485.

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  • “The Yellow Handkerchief” Los

  • milestones
    12-08 11:26 PM
    Thanks for the reply Ramo. But my question seems to be partially answered. I do understand what you have stated.

    I have a degree that is equivalent to 4 years of education and is from the US.

    Can you give me more information around the question that can I file H1B as an IT consultant with a Bachelors degree in healthcare?


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  • to see Kristen Stewart so

  • hariswaminathan
    10-04 01:02 PM
    I have been on h1 for 7 yrs in the US and i am leaving back to my home country (India) as it is expiring this month. I plan to come back and start working for my current company next yr.
    Now can they Process my new H1 in April next yr(6 months from now) or they have to wait till OCT 2007 to process my new h1. I am afraid the next yr quota will be over if they have to wait till OCT.

    Here is what you could do:

    1. Get a good immigration attorney
    2. Recoup all the lost time on H1-B for time spent abroad in the last 7 years. Most attorneys can recover at least 4-6 months of time - this will alllow you to stay in the US for another 4-6 months
    3. Use the time to find a substitute labor (either with present or new company) and file for I-140. Use premium processing for I-140.
    4. Your Labor sub and I-140 should clear within the timeframe that you remain in the US - and then you can renew your H1-B for 3 year increments.

    The reason i give the above solution is that - your New H1-B will only be valid after Oct 2007 - you can apply for it in April 2007 but you cannot use it until Oct. If you are really keen to stay in India for that long then obviously its ok, but you need to be sure your company will still remember you in Oct 2007 - otherwise i would suggest the alternative approach above to remain in the US.

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  • The Yellow Handkerchief

  • gaz
    09-01 03:26 PM

    My 140 is approved. My H1b is already extended for 3 years.

    1) Can my spouses H1b get 7th year extension based on this?
    2) If not, can my spouse move to H4?

    Thank you.


    Kristen Stewart Yellow Handkerchief. Vecchie/nuove foto di Kristen
  • Vecchie/nuove foto di Kristen

    07-08 08:33 AM
    Folks, can security check uncover unauthorized part time work whiles on H1. Will this be reported to USCIS? If so will that be a basis for denial for a green card? Any information or precedence?

    How did you get paid for it ?? It went to taxes through your social security # like a regular job ??

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  • Kristen Stewart 2010 Photos

  • ItIsNotFunny
    11-11 07:54 AM
    Please send mails to fight AC21 injustice:


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  • Logged. Actress

  • dilbert_cal
    04-05 12:46 AM
    IV should keep the twitter updates restricted to only DONOR accounts and possibly another twitter account for generic updates.

    Disclaimer : I dont have DONOR status

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  • Yellow Handkerchief Press

  • newlab
    08-18 07:33 PM
    Hi All,
    ****** I have searched all related posts but could not find an answer ********
    I have applied my labor in EB3 category. As i am qualified for the senior position i have asked my management for the next level. so that i can apply in EB2 and get the priority data transferred from EB3 application.

    with the July fiasco applied I485 with the EB3 application. Now my management is working to promote me from software dev to Sr software developer. Should i accept the promotion? my job responsibilites will be same with additional responsibilities. What will happen to my i-485 application if i take the promotion?

    Thank you.


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  • to meet Kristen Stewart,

  • eilsoe
    10-22 03:59 PM
    The best way to learn filters is to just throw them around a bit :)

    One can make a million different effects starting with the render->clouds filter.. :)

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    10-09 09:04 AM
    omg everything is s coool


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  • Kristen:

  • permfiling
    10-23 10:48 PM
    Anybody else whose spouse GC is stalled? Any suggestions?

    I received my 485 approval notice but not spouse. We have a info pass appointment on monday.

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  • Kristen as Martine

  • vparam
    12-12 10:56 PM
    I just noticed that the I-140 my lawyer submitted 3 months ago to Nebraska has a typo in my DOB (21/07/2978 instead of 21/07/1978). Yes its a thousand years out! A copy of my latest I-94 and visa both showing my correct DOB were also submitted with the I-140.

    Do any of you guys think I'll have the I-140 rejected, recieve an RFE, or will the Nebraska officer just use common sense and amend it himself? What do you reccomend I do if anything?

    Since it is 140, your attorney or you company HR can call up and get this corrected, They will give you a service number. Also they will ask for an email address after 45 days you will get an email that it will be corrected when the file is being reviewed by an officer.

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  • The Yellow Handkerchief with

  • santa123
    06-16 07:56 PM
    Mine is MBA and the position is of a Business Analyst

    03-17 05:06 PM
    but but you will still need to wait for 9+ months to get your new 140 approved right?
    But would waiting an aprrox 9 months matter if the dates are current ? Else i see your point that it is another wait.... it all depends on the timing and a bit of luck i guess.

    vinabath, i think you might be right about BS+5, all i have is BS+4. So if i wait for another 8~9 months, get 5 full years, move to EB2, then wait another 8~9 months for I140.... by that time i'll prolly be current in EB3 ROW (PD Jun 2006) :confused:

    02-18 10:29 PM
    i have a question whether to use EAD or H1B? Initiallly i re-entered into usa after finishing my first 6yr term of H1B in June 05 on H1b. Later changed employer. New employer filed my GC using existing labor (EB3) in 2006 and also filed for i-140 & i-485 in oct 2007. so the transferred h1b is expiring on 06/2009. my ead expired in Oct 2008. I am thinking of renewing EAD than H1b which i am planning to file in this month (Feb, 2009).

    1. If i go back to India in Mar 09 - Can I come back using EAD (Once its approved and someone sends my EAD & AP to India) as i haven't used EAD?
    2. my transfered H1b is expiring on Jun 09 and i don't want to go to Madras to stamp the transfered company's visa on my passport as i doubt to get it - the Consulate might ask me so many questions when its expiring in june why you want to go to usa for 3 or 4 months.
    3. The best bet - do i need to wait for my renewal of EAD & AP and then leave?

    Please let me know as my travel plans are dependent on this.

    thanks and appreciate your prompt response

    thank you.

    I would go with 3. Wait here until AP approved and then leave the country. I didnt hear good experiences with mailing AP out of country.

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